Saturday, May 10, 2008

Eos Review

The name Eos refers to the Greek goddess of Dawn, daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia. Siblings of Eos are the sun god Helios and the mood goddess Selene. Eos rises each morning and rides ahead if Helios ' journey across the sky in her own chariot to announce the day. With the newest convertible. You can ride embracing the sky's of day and night much as the goddess Eos, in your chariot. The Eos is a hard top convertible. Retracting the roof is as easy as pushing a button. The Eos is built at the Auto Europa factory in Palmela Portugal

The Eos is available with 2 engine options. The standard 2.0 FSI Turbo sporting 200hp. Or the much more sporty 3.6L 250hp engine with throaty exhaust note. Transmission options include tip tronic 6 speed automatic of the sport 6 speed manual gear box. In addition to the standard safety features the Eos has to offer. included is the roll over protection in the rear seats. In the event of a roll over the roll over bars extend from behind the rear headrests to maintain a safe cabin for the occupants. A wide array of auto equipment is also available including navigation and the amazing Dynaudio sound system

-Personal Thoughts
Very fun car to drive. Seats four people comfortably. The Eos sports a very fun loving suspension with great ride quality, very stable for a convertible thanks to tons of work done from the R&R department in chassis rigidity. Typical interior that, again I could do without, but some love it. As is my biggest complaint with most of the VW line up... The price tag. I mean VW is "the peoples car" but this is one person who can't afford it!

Pricing for the US market will run about $28,990 - $38,100 depending on options

The optional 3.6L engine with 250 hp.


jccleofe said...

I don't know anything about engine..I just love to ride/drive.

schmuckraker said...

Nice car

I just want to know why MY JETTA "screeches" when I hit 50mph