Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mazda 3 Review

This car is great buy. In comparison to Volkswagen the Mazda 3 gives you more bang for the buck. They come sporting either a 2.0L 4 cylinder with 148 hp, or a 2.3L with 156hp. Available in 2 different packages an 'i' package which is the base model with a 4 speed manual gear box, or the 'S' Package which comes with the 5 speed automatic. Also available is a 5 speed manual. The 3 comes complete with an amazing sound system. And for the price range of about $13,282 - $20,196 you can't really go wrong.

Oops, did I forget? The 3 is also available as the Mazdaspeed 3, with 263 turbo charged 2.3L engine. Look out over priced GTi's, this car can move and handle. Not to mention the 6 speed gearbox will put a smile and anyone's face lucky enough to drive it! Zero-to-60 time is published to be 5.9 seconds, and top speed is a governed 155mph. The bottom line on the 3 is $26,870.

With 81,000K on my mazda 3, I can speak for the reliability first hand when I say this car seems to last!

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